Damaged Nail Bed From Acrylic Nails

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Damaged Nail Bed From Acrylic Nails. It can increase the chances of bacteria or fungus getting through to the nail. Trauma may cause scarring in various directions in the nail bed longitudinal oblique or transverse.

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Unfortunately there are no overnight fixes for damaged nails despite a slew of products that are available for nail repair. But have always had an issue with any nail polish staying on my nails for more than 10-12 hours. Also poorly fitted acrylics can lead to minor trauma around the nails.

To prevent more damage the first thing you should do is to hold off on getting more manicures acrylics or gel polish for a few weeks.

A poorly fitted acrylic leaves pockets of space in between the nail and acrylic. Idehen says there is one substance that is banned in the US. But usually the drill is the primary culprit for pain and damage. To remove your nail bed use a file to carefully file down the length of your nail as this will loosen up the area surrounding your nail and allow easier access to the nail underneath.