Cyclic Dextrin Post Workout

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Cyclic Dextrin Post Workout. 1 Carbs also help to support the recovery of your muscles after exercise making our 100 Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs a popular post-workout supplement. Going back to 1999 when research was first beginning to come out on highly branched cyclic dextrin a study was conducting using mice.

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Before training it has been shown to improve endurance performance and decrease perception of exertion how hard you are actually working in your session. Intra-Workout Plan. Mark Dugdale left Nutrex for a company cant remember the name whos main product is an Intraworkout based on cyclic dextrin.

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This is why I chose to use NutraBio Super Carb. Mix it in with your regular protein shake to add an extra energy kick to your regular intake or mix in a dose post-workout after an extra intense training session to get your recovery going. HBCD provides energy while exercising without making you feel nauseous or bloated. 1 Theyre great to help with recovery 1 getting you back to training time and time again.