1930s Black Hairstyles

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1930s Black Hairstyles. Relaxed 1930s Black Tie evenit with black waistcoat wing collar and boutonniere as seen by Laurence Fellows. The 1920s fashion of wearing a full-dress waistcoat with the informal dinner jacket remained popular in London and France at the decades opening thanks to its frequent appearance on the Prince at Continental resorts.

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Short waves or curls were preferred on women in the 1930s which was a trend lasting all the way until the 1970s. See more ideas about vintage black glamour african american black beauties. In modern times finger waves are often only seen at formal events and red carpet settings.

In the 1930s Rastafari theology developed in Jamaica from the ideas of Marcus Garvey a political activist who wanted to improve the status of his fellow blacks.

A knot pinned to the base of the neck is the most notable characteristic of this hairstyle. The 1930s were characterized by doing more with less and hair is no exception. There is precious little film footage of black womens fashion and style during the 1940s. This hairstyle was worn by men who had naturally kinky hair.