1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon

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1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon. A triathletes training hours and energy has to be split between three disciplines. Aim A low load session designed to create pedaling efficiency.

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Week 7 - Workouts 13 and 14. 1 Mile Swim Workout 73. These alternate hard efforts will teach you to find your own pace rhythm-balance of cadence and gearing.

1500 Yard Triathlon Workout 2 Warm-up 300 swim 100 kick 100 swim 500 yards 16 x 50s swim with 10 seconds rest in between 800 yards.

Swim Endurance Builder Triathlete. Swim 5 x 100 yards with 10 seconds between each 100. 10 minutes Alternate 1 minute hard at Zone 4 1-minute easy recovery spin at Zone 1 On the hard interval-alternate between a higher cadence of around 100 rpm and a lower cadence of around 75 wherein you will be working the heavier gears. Additionally the cumulative fatigue from the the run in particular stifles swim progress.