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I know what it’s like to hate having your photo taken.


Or to be fine with the taking of the photo, but then cringe at the version of you immortalized on film after-the-fact. I know what it’s like to feel fidgety and uncomfortable and the wrong shape and under-the-microscope when somebody’s photographing you. And that’s why I’m here, taking pictures.


I offer photo sessions that leave you feeling more you than when we started, and comfortable in your own skin instead of crawling out of it.


My photo sessions are about you, your comfort, and your beauty.


The most important element of this experience is that you feel loved and supported (by me and yourself) before, during and after the session.


Of course, it’s also important to me that you love the photos you end up with.


My goal is for you to have a wonderful portrait experience, and to keep on loving those photos until they’ve served you fully.

. . .

Mara Glatzel

“When I was looking for a photographer to take some photos for my site, I was on the hunt for someone gentle and trustworthy. As someone who takes a bit of time to warm up and come out of her shell, I was worried that meeting up with a stranger for an afternoon of photo-taking would be awkward or strange.

Working with Kylie was hands-down amazing. From the moment that she walked up for our session, I was won over by her kind spirit. I would have said that the best part about working with her is that you get to hang out with her for a couple of hours, but the photos that she took of me almost knocked me off my couch. What struck me was how comfortable I looked! And happy!

I am so grateful for an experience that not only provided some fabulous new shots for my site, but also healed up that part of me that was always afraid to become vulnerable in front of a camera. Big, huge love for the work that she is doing – it is so needed in this world.”

Mara Glatzel | Self-Love Coach |

. . .

My photo shoot with Kylie was an absolute dream. I’d never done a “professional” shoot before, and I had no idea how to pose, how to smile, what to wear, or where to go. From the moment we met, Kylie made me feel like a foxy indie rockstar

My photos came out bee-yoo-tiful. I use them on all my promotional materials and get nothing but compliments. In fact, many of my clients have admitted, ‘It was your PHOTO that inspired me to contact you!’

Kylie will make you feel striking, supported and stellar, from the very first ‘click.’

– Alexandra Franzen | Promotional Wordsmith & Personal Scribe |

. . .

This has been a dream of mine, to have photos that portray me as ME. I had done this once before when I was three and building a portfolio for my acting “career”. The pictures that got taken then absolutely captured the essence of who I was (and still am); almost like they captured my soul.

I have longed to recapture the look and feel of those pictures . . . and you did it perfectly. And by “did it”, I mean that you gave that genuine side of me permission to come forth & be captured for the first time in decades. Thank you for that. You’ll never know how much it meant to me.”

Ev’Yan Whitney | Liberation Artist |

. . .

Being photographed by Kylie was astoundingly easy. And really fun. Keep in mind that I’m not the kind of person who thinks being photographed is fun. The whole session felt safe. It was also hilarious. I pretty much giggled the entire time. The final photos were gorgeous, colorful and felt like me.
Hire Kylie! It’s worth it just to hang out with her. Bonus: the INCREDIBLE pictures.”
– Havi Brooks | Pirate Queen |
. . .


Want to know what the results of photo sessions look like? Click right here for a tasting menu.


How this works: You email me at, and we’ll figure out a day and time that works. I’ll then send you a payment prompt through PayPal, and we’ll find a time to chat by phone about a week before the session. Our chat will probably last about fifteen minutes, and I’ll help you to determine exactly what types of photos you want and allay any fears or questions you have.

The day of your session: We’ll meet up and talk for a few minutes to get to know each other a bit more. I’ll take your photos, and we’ll have a spectacular time. You’ll walked away surprised and delighted that you just had such fun getting your photo taken.

After your session: Once we part ways, I do some post-processing to make the images look their very best, then send you your stunning photos to savor. Most sessions result in about twenty to forty final photos, depending on how you’ll be using them (on your website, in print, or as a gift to yourself or somebody else).

Rates: $300 for portrait sessions, which usually include one to two hours of photo-taking time. That time will allow for us to take a bunch of photos with various backgrounds and styles. Within two weeks of your session, I’ll get you the digital files of your images (twenty to forty-ish of ’em), complete with post-processing, that you can print or share digitally as you wish.

What to wear: Wear what you love. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, it shows in the photos. I recommend choosing clothes that don’t have small logos or busy patterns, though, as they can distract from the final photographs. And color and texture never hurt.

Where it’ll be: We can have your session anywhere in the Seattle area, as long as there’s natural light (sunlight) available. That means outdoors, in your living room, or on a friendly stoop.

. . .

Kylie is a magician. I loved that she was so game to make unorthodox ideas work, and that she cased the joint before I got there and found some good angles.

She was by far the most easygoing and friendly photographer I’ve ever worked with. The edits were lightning quick, and she made all the changes I asked for. She definitely went above and beyond what I expected. I love how the final photos turned out. Kylie made me look much better than I look, so that’s always nice.”

– Mickey Duzyj | Artist |

. . .

“During my session, I felt relaxed, engaged, trusting in your experience and skill. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend who makes me laugh. I was surprised and glad that you took time to talk to me in the beginning and do a grounding exercise — I think that set the tone. I was also surprised and amazed that you could take such great photos with available light, indoors, on such a grey day. It helped the session feel more low-key, which was good for me.

I love my final photos. They look great and I think they convey the feeling I wanted — approachability, warmth, and they’re so much more casual than my old head-shots that had a corporate feel to them. I think I look comfortable and relaxed in the photos (thanks to you, Kylie), and I think that body language will help my readers and clients feel more comfortable with me.”

– Maryann Devine | Chief Curiosity Officer |

. . .

“During my photo session, I felt nervous at first, then relaxed, then surprised it was over so quickly! The best thing was how much we giggled during the session. It was amazing that I could enjoy being “focused” on and not feel uncomfortable. The photos turned out just the way I hoped they would.”

– Loran Hills | Explorer of the Sacred Realms |

. . .

“Kylie is an absolute sweetheart and a virtuoso behind her camera lens. She’d plotted our route through the Lower East Side in advance and knew exactly the right backdrop to set off my faux fur + leather ensemble. From artistically spray-painted walls and boarded-up shop fronts, to luminescent “LONDON” bistro signs, Kylie knew precisely how to set off my rock-chick style alongside my British heritage.

I’m ecstatic that I now have a whole slew of photographs to use on my website — and beyond. I finally have shots that capture the real Nikki. Warm, approachable, with a smattering of BADASS. I’d work with Kylie again in a HEARTBEAT.

– Nikki Groom | Ink-Slinging Siren + Digital Scribe |

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